Relationship & Couples Counseling
in Troy and Across Michigan

Heal and grow together.

Has your relationship lost its spark?
Do you feel more like roommates than soulmates?
Can you remember the last time you really felt like a family?

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is hard. Things don’t always just flow. Disagreements happen, differences of opinion and expectations crop up, unexpected life changes throw things off, and sometimes we let each other down.

Often we are able to work things out together. But, sometimes the problems feel too big or too complex to address on our own. We’re stuck. We argue about the same things over and over. Communication breaks down. Emotions run high. Trust is shattered. We just can’t find a way to break out of the stressful patterns that are driving us further apart.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to call in some extra support.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Your therapist will work with you to build a supportive, neutral space where both you and your partner or spouse can come together to heal and grow. You will each be able to express yourselves, gain insights into each other’s perspectives, and collaborate together to build stronger bonds.

Counseling for relationships & couples can help you:

Trauma Treatment FAQ

Does insurance cover relationship and couples counseling?

Unfortunately most insurance companies do not cover this type of counseling. However, plans can vary so check with your insurance provider to be sure. We offer relationship and couples counseling at our private pay rates, which vary by therapist and are listed under  Insurance & Fees on our website. However, we recognize that the cost of treatment may not work with all budgets. We are committed to making high quality therapy accessible to you and your partner or spouse. We offer a comprehensive sliding scale fee to help us find the rate that will work best for you. If you are interested in exploring your eligibility for the sliding scale fee, feel free to  reach out to us.

Will you work with my whole family?

At Affirming Pathways, our therapists are happy to offer occasional counseling sessions with your family as an adjunct to individual therapy, to broaden the scope of benefit you are able to receive from your care. If you’re interested in trying some family sessions, talk to your therapist about your options.