Therapy for Anxiety
in Troy and Across Michigan

Find your peace and center.

Anxiety doesn’t have to define your life.

We all feel it sometimes. It’s normal to worry when things change, and to feel unsure in new situations.

But anxiety becomes debilitating when life starts to feel chronically out of control. It's like your mind is on high alert, making everyday situations feel more threatening or overwhelming than they really are. Meeting someone new, going to the grocery, attending a family event, or even making a phone call can bring on that crushing wall of dread.

Your palms sweat, your heart races, and it feels like there’s not enough air in the room.

You may be struggling with anxiety if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and keyed up most of the time, even when logically you know you’re ok. You tie yourself in knots trying to give everyone exactly what they want, but don’t know how to ask for what you need. You hate making decisions, because who can anticipate every outcome anyway? Overthinking is your superpower, and a constant source of stress.

Anxiety can show up in your body as much as your mind. It can look like trouble sleeping, frequent headaches, stomachaches, or muscle tension that won’t let up. It’s hard to concentrate, and you feel alone.

If this sounds familiar and you’re ready for a change, therapy can help.

Together, you and your therapist will build a supportive and confidential space to explore and understand the root causes of your anxiety. You will learn effective coping strategies, such as mindfulness and relaxation techniques, to manage and reduce anxious thoughts and feelings. You’ll also gain insight into your emotions, get in touch with your anxious parts, and develop healthier perspectives and relationships.

Therapy for anxiety can help you:

Anxiety Treatment FAQ

What if I’m not sure that anxiety is what I’m struggling with?

That’s really normal. Humans are complex, and our experiences are varied and intersectional. It’s not always easy to define our struggles. And you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to get support. Our therapists are here to help, and to explore your problems with you. Without judgment. Let’s work together to understand what’s going on, and help you feel better.

What types of therapy do you use to treat anxiety?

There are many different treatments that have been researched, tested, and proven helpful for anxiety. Each therapist will have their own unique background and training. They will likely pull from a variety of treatment methods to find what works best for you. Your own intuition, wisdom, and experiences will also inform your treatment. If there is a modality that you are particularly interested in exploring, or one that you know is not a good fit for you, let your therapist know and they can talk through your options with you.

Here are a few of the common modalities our therapists use to treat anxiety:

Do you prescribe medication for anxiety?

At Affirming Pathways our therapists do not prescribe medication. However, there are many medications that have been shown to help with anxiety symptoms. If you are interested in exploring medication options in addition to talk therapy, let your therapist know. We can provide referrals if needed, and we can coordinate with your doctor or psychiatrist to ensure you are receiving the best care possible.